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Winner of Year Award 2021

Best of Trusted Brand Award by Ryounoi Roi Lan

According to, Ryounoi Roi Lan, the biggest hub to presenting youngest successful entrepreneurs and startup business model in Thailand, We received the achievement  as the winner of the Best of Trusted Brand Award by ” Ryounoi Roi Lan ” due to our brand concept for social development and philosophy and business model honestly supported our customers as well as other startup business owners in market.

As we believe that ” No one can success since the beginning step.”  Mr. Tammasorn Jiwarangsan, Goodganic co-founder, give his speech about his beginning step starting this business and also made several mistakes and rejection when he himself attempt to push his brand and product into the market including domestic modern trade. However, He never give up on fails while keep learning, improving himself and his business model with the real honest towards customers and precisely developed plans and experiences along the steps of Goodganic’s success till he can achieve goal ,then the company can reach its over 30,000,000 bath beyond the previous expectation within few years.

Since we understand target’s demand, Mr. Tammasorn and his wife, Mrs. Rangsiya or Dr. Joy as personal brand of Goodganic who worked as Thai Traditional Pharmacist, we try hard to develop the best solution for those customer under Goodganic, Thai herbal product for elderly care including skincare, body, toothpaste and supplements for daily personal use under the concept

Good Herb, Good Health “Goodganic”


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