Elderly’s Mobility Donation

Elderly’s Mobility Donation

          In 2020,Goodganic has donated mobility support, “Walker” for elderly in urban area through Nong Krahing Health Promoting Hospital, Buriram with aim to confort disable elderly and patients in the area.

Since we have researched that elderly in urban area were lack of the supports such as accessories for elderly care and mobility, we found out that people at the upper age encountered with the problems of muscle and joints pain on the knee. Moreover, most of people in urban area cannot reach to the channel to purchase the mobility to support their movement. Unfortunately, some can’t even afford it due to low budget they owned and no one take care the quality of living.

Goodganic willing to take full support through Nong Krahing Health Promoting Hospital, Buriram to give the mobility support and charity in order to allow those elderly having walker accessories to enhance their movement and maintain their symptom from joint pain. 

Since, Goodganic promised to be besides elderly, we care every single issues of elderly in daily life. We never not stop helping  and willing to make the the better living for elderly society, no matter on our products or activity to be part of society support we keep running each day.



Because we care

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