The story before Goodganic started
The beginning of Goodganic first product came from Mr.Thammasorn Jiwarangsan (founder) real story. He said One day, there was an old man customer who used to open a pharmacy have bought a toothpaste and effervescent denture tablets cleaning. The old man mentioned that

“if there was a toothpaste that can clean teeth and denture as well it would be very great because buying 2 things
per month is a waste of money”

After that Mr.Thammasorn,our director asked Dr.Joy to study and develop the toothpaste that can be used both cleaning teeth and denture in one tube then we got (the 2 ways action of toothpaste) Since then Dr.Joy have studied and developed other high quality herbal products of Goodganic.

Goodganic Timeline

Team Members

Our Partnership
We have signed a joint venture agreement with  TONGSUWAN ORGANIC FARM CO.,LTD. Including more than 20 community enterprises, generating income for people in the community total academics scientist make an organic farming system including Organic USDA and EU standards, GMPCodex, Halal. All for the safest product to consumers both domestic and international one.

Distribution Channel

Shops in Thailand

Shops in Aboard

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