Every Purchase matters

You are not supporting us but community

How we support community?

    Goodganic have signed the contract to produce products with organic raw material as key ingredients from the agricultural community in Chaingmai, Thailand in order to support their wealth and living sustainably. Also there will be no exploitation or taking them advantage but working along together to share benefits. We selected the best organic farms with no toxic chemical on yield so that all ingredients we made for Goodganic would be non-toxic chemical and purely effective for everyone’s health including consumers and agriculturer themselves. Apart from the step of selection, we also delicately collaborate with Thai traditional pharmacists and herbal professional and researcher team to work on product development for the best quality of Goodganic products as best as it can be for everyone’s health, especially elderly. You can definitely make sure that meet the international standard  before your hands globally. Therefore, not only us will earn from your purchases of Goodganic, but you yourself also benefit on quality while agriculture community in Thailand will continuously earn from your supports for the better wealth and living. That’s why we mentioned ” Every purchase matters”.

Make yourself healthy and let others wealthy with us


CSR Activities

We never not stop running CSR activities for society each year

Let’s go see how we could be a little part to make society better with full of smiles and healthy environment.