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Medicine to relieve itchy rashes : Jiwa Herb

Allergies, rashes, itching, after taking it you won’t feel sleepy.

Itching may be caused by the immune system responding more quickly than normal, causing an allergic reaction 
For topical medicines, they are mostly steroids. The disadvantage is If we use it for a long time, it will depress the immune system of the skin in the area where it is applied. Makes it easy to get other types of infections
For people who take antihistamines to suppress itching The effect of the drug passing through the brain cells to depress the nerves. It will make you feel drowsy. You may experience symptoms of restlessness, dry nose, dry mouth, dry throat, and blurred vision.
Therefore, we offer a choice. herbal medicine recipe From Thai traditional medicine that is safe to reduce itching Bad lymph, rashes, and most importantly, eating doesn’t make you feel sleepy.

If you have diarrhea or stomach pain,you have to check out the green panel


How to choose medicine to cure diarrhea so as not to harm the body? Take care of yourself and the people at home.

simple diarrhea Caused by abnormal intestinal absorption, such as diarrhea from drinking milk in the morning. or eat spicy food Caused by eating food that has bacteria, viruses, food poisoning, or eating undercooked food.
Diarrhea while traveling or have to do important errands  

Introducing herbal medicine from traditional Thai medicine That helps reduce stomach pain, dysentery, and diarrhea.

When you have aches and pains, back pain, neck and shoulder stiffness.

Because of using massage balm Makes it possible to treat only specific points  
 Thai traditional medicine Therefore there is a formula for treatment. Helps muscles relax. 
 The medicine is made from herbs. Can eat continuously without irritating the stomach
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Can be sold in every store throughout Thailand.