Anti-aging Scars and Smooth

Hands and Body Lotion

Hands and Body Lotion By Goodganic

Helps to solve skin problems deep hydration and smoothen skin

not only nourish but healing solution for flaky peeling, itching, and soothing inflamed skin

Also reduce wrinkles, stretch marks, freckles due to the upper age.

Won the Premium Herbal Product Award 2021 by the Department of Thai Traditional Medicine

Key Ingredient

Turmeric Extract : Brighten dark spots including freckle due to the age plus smoothen skin.

Olea Europaea Fruit Oil : Reduce stretchmark and scars.

Hydroxyethyl Urea : Healing skin inflammation, itching and lock moisturizer.


Apply to hands and apply all over the body or desired area after taking a shower at least in the morning-evening or apply often. as much as you want.

Net weight : 100 ml.