Cleaning While Healing Mouth Wound

Herbal Toothpaste Goodganic 2

Herbal Toothpaste Goodganic 2

Multi-herbal special  formula toothpaste directly cleaning and healing action for gum’s problem such as sore gums ,bleeding and mouth wounds ,especially “Ulcer”. Also, improving breathing smell as well as strength of your teeth and gum health.


Key Ingredients:

  • Cloves oil :Help relieve toothache, sore gums, bleeding.
  • Finger Root: Heal mouth wound, inflammatory, ulcers, and white patches.
  • Guava leaves : Help to eliminate bad breath and freshen.


Brush your teeth, squeeze 1 centimeter of toothpaste, and brush your teeth clean. after brushing teeth to gargle for a moment. Then rinse it off. It will help increase efficiency and better nourish your gums and teeth.

net weight 30 g.