Reduce excess fat and get a sizeable body

Finger Root Extract

Goodganic Finger root extract

Fingerroot Extract (Capsule Type) Goodganic Brand by Thung Suwan Organic Farm

According to in vitro research, white Fingerroot extract contains pandurathin A. That can help stimulate fat burning like doing light exercise all day (limiting excess fat at the cause) and stimulating hair follicle cells to be strong.

✅ Belly – waistline, stomach, arms, thighs, body weight * safely reduced *
✅ Drug resistance, increasing age, postpartum, rarely exercising * can reduce results *
✅ Fingerroot extract (White Krachai) has properties It can help reduce fat in the blood.
✅ Reduce hair loss problems stimulate new hair growth

🏆  Received an award from the Department of Thai Traditional Medicine.
There is a research certification from Korea. Fingerroot extract Special from Ethanol

* Free shipping in Thailand. * Can collect the destination 1 box contains 50 tablets 300- THb.
🎯 Promotion 2 get 1 free = 590- (Normal price 900-) can be taken for 1 month, starting to see results.
🎯 New Year Promotion Buy 3 get 3 free = 890- (Normal price 1,800) can be taken for almost 3 months, continuous results + best value

How to eat:
Take 2 tablets after each meal, 2 times a day after any meal.
1 box contains 5 panels, 10 capsules each

Emphasis on safety * do not add * dangerous substances sibutramine Certification of safety from Dr. Joy Doctor and Thai traditional pharmacist at Goodganic Co., Ltd.