Oral care for the elderly in the period pendamic

Oral care for the elderly when there is covid-19 occured
The method is …. have the caregivers wrap a clean cloth around their fingers, moisten them with water, and moisten the elderly’s lips. ……Then let the old man open his mouth and wipe clean around the teeth, gums, cheeks
#If the elderly cannot open their mouths Have the caregiver gently insert a finger into the cheek area. Then press on the inner gums for the elderly to slowly open their mouth and use a gauze bandage inserted between the upper and lower jaws. to keep your mouth open during the cleaning period
Then use a toothbrush that is smaller than usual. Brush all teeth and all aspects
..But what if there is a toothache? or swollen, inflamed, pus-filled gums, you can ask your dentist.

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